Pre CAD Sketches

Marine & industrial mouldings offer a CAD Design and modelling service. We start by compiling pre CAD model sketches based on our clients ideas.

Once the client is completely satisfied with the design sketches and direction they have decided to take with there concept, we will then create three dimensional renders of the design before moving onto the next faze in the process.

Our clients requirements are of the utmost importance and we strive to deliver visuals displaying the exact concept they desire to the highest standard.

Full CAD Modelling

Using the latest in design software we will produce full CAD models whilst exploring your design ideas, and help communicate all design information more effectively. Your designs will have been realistically rendered which allows you to view, measure and mark up the design data during development.

We are capable of creating visuals for complex assemblies, so if your product requires more than just one part, we can mate them together to make certain that there are no issues with collisions and that they assemble together correctly before any CNC 5D modelling takes place.

Design Patenting

Marine & industrial mouldings can also offer our clients advice on looking after there newly developed design by registering the design either in the UK with the INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE an operating name of the PATENT OFFICE. If the client is retailing outside of the UK as well, we can help with registering the designs with OHIM covering all EU countries.

We have helped our clients design and patent vehicle exteriors, interiors plus many other bespoke designs. Our team has dealt with an array of challenges so whatever the project, don't hesitate to contact us.

Fibreglass Design & Manufacture

GRP Fibreglass mouldings for Horseboxes and Motorhomes

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