GRP Fibreglass mouldings - Racehome Bodykits

We specialise in Fibreglass Bodykits and GRP mouldings for Racehomes, Horseboxes and Motorhomes. All our kits and individual parts can be used to create your ideal racehome including wheel arches, skirts, sleeper pods, rear top light spoiler, rear bumpers and front bumpers. Each part can be bought separately or as part of a complete kit comprising of:

Helios GRP- Fibreglass Bodykit
Eclipse 3.5 to 4t Renault-Vauxhall-Nissan Kit
Iveco Racetruck with Eclipse Top Light Bar-Spoiler
Racehome using Helios Parts
Eclipse Atego pod fitted with fully moulded side ears
Eclipse Moto GP Brembo Race Truck
Eclipse GRP- Fibreglass Bodykit
Eclipse Atego pod and fully moulded side ears

We have developed both the Eclipse & Helios pods to fit the cab & roof profile exactly thereby cutting fitting times by upto 90%. We have also developed body kits to complement the pods reducing labour time and enhancing vehicle appearance plus value.

For the Helios 2009 bodykit the pod comes with a moulded base massively reducing the labour by aiding fitting. The Helios is designed to fit the DAF / Renault although we do manufacture glassfibre CAB bases to fit the IVECO 75E17 / 75E18 Eurcargo’s, these bases can be used to help fit the Helios pod to IVECO cargo’s.

Eclipse Kits Helios Kits

Brembo racetruck Brembo racetruck
Helios racetruck Helios racetruck
Atego racetruck Atego racetruck

Fibreglass Design & Manufacture

GRP Fibreglass mouldings for Horseboxes and Motorhomes

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